is the world leader in creating wireless optical communication systems with unique technical characteristics, based on Free space optics technology. The company has experience in creating products, from idea to serial production, sales and technical support for end users.

Founded in 2001 by specialists of the Scientific Research Institute of Gas-Discharge Devices, who have many years of experience in the development of argon and stabilized helium-neon lasers.

The competences of the company lie in the field of creation and commercialization of innovative products in the field of FSO-systems. Their following applications:

> Last mile solution for telecom. The 4th generation of atmospheric FSO-systems with unique for the market 30 Gbps throughput is available for everyone. Products are being used all over the world in all climatic zones. Get a line>

> High-speed and high-secured laser communication systems between mobile objects, including cars, ships, balloons, unmanned aerial vehicles and airplanes.  Get a line >

> Space communication systems «satellite-satellite», «satellite-to-earth», LEO-GEO with 10Gb and more throughput. Get a line>

> The company participates in projects to create high-speed underwater laser communication systems. Get a line>

As part of its current activities, the Mostcom company is open for cooperation on any new projects and with any organization.


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