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Ethernet links tester ETest specification

  ETest presents itself independent kit of the equipment, operation and the condition checking which does not depend on presence or conditions testable channel. For organization of the channel testing tester is connected on one side of the channel. The testable channel is connected to tester to RJ-45 socket. The RJ-45 loopback or another tester (in pair testing procedure) must be connected to the other end of the channel. At power-up, in the event of correct connection of the tester and loopbacks (or another tester), is formed testable communication loop in any testable configurations.

  Active testing is founded on principle of the permanent sending of the Ethernet frames with constant length (within the range of from 64 before 1600 bytes) and interframes interval (16 - 65535 bytes) and measurement parameters of their passing.

  The standard command ping answers In purpose "passive" testing ETest with the pings length not more than 1400 bytes.

Delivery set

Set of delivery includes all necessities for adjusting test parametrs, self-testing and connecting to measured Ethernet channels :



  Power supply

  Cable for connection with computer (CCC)

  RJ-45 male loopback

  Cross-connector (two sockets) RJ-45

  CD with User guide and software

  Manufacturer certificate


More information you can get from ETest User Guide.